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Hi! My name is Christina and I started Happy Little Plants AZ in 2020. It was founded with a love obsession for houseplants that has only grown larger with the birth of my shop. When I started to desire rarer plants or was in search of a specific common type, I became frustrated with the choices around me. Arizona is a dry state but most houseplants are tropical. There didn’t seem to be any nurserys, plant shops, or garden centers locally that had what I wanted. That left me searching for plants online and paying expensive shipping fees because of the distance they would travel. I decided to help the people of Arizona, and beyond, finally get ahold of the plants they always wanted and hopefully at a more affordable price. I hand select the plants in my shop from local suppliers, searching for quality and health. The harder to come by plants that do not come locally, are cared for in my personal greenhouse.  My goal is to give you a healthy and happy plant that will thrive in your home. I will always be transparent with the plants I have in stock. I hope you enjoy my shop and return for more because you can never have too many Happy Little Plants!

Our Company

I currently run this business out of the home and planty things have taken over. What started with extra shelf space for plants has evolved into an entire room with a small personal greenhouse, grow lights, humidifiers and of course LOTS of plants! We are an LLC registered in the state of Arizona.

Happy Little Plants AZ is a female owned and operated business. Christina is the founder and self proclaimed “Boss Babe.” She has built this shop with the support of her family. Her husband, Todd, gets dragged to plant nursuries on the weekends. He also encourages Christina to pursue her dreams and supports her in any way he can. He has helped package plants, put together shelving and even given up his gym space for the business. Christina’s sister, Carmelina, created the company logo and helped design much of the marketing and social media content found online. Christina’s father is a successful business man in his own right and he has helped guide Christina to ensure this business will run smoothly and successfully. He also acquired this web address for you to visit. Christina wants to express her love and gratitue to all of her family and friends who have helped her dream of opening a plant shop come true. 

“Little girls with dreams become woment with vision”

Our Team

Christina Faulis-Browning


Todd Browning

VP of Inventory

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We post many of our plants available for local pick up on social media. Our Etsy shops holds the plants available for pick up or shipping.